About St. Monica


  • Founded and operated by Hong Kong Foliage Association Limited since 1990.

  • Providing excellent early-childhood education all along so that parents can love and trust our school can be a place to bring happiness and health to our children.


  • Developing children all-rounded skills based on the model of St. Monica, spirit of motherhood.

  • Inspiring children learning interests and potentials through correct and positive philosophy to set a solid foundation for life-long learning purpose.

  • Nurturing children positive views of life for being a courageous and responsible citizen. 


  • Creating a delighted learning environment for children to learn actively.

  • Training children to possess independent thinking ability for exploring new knowledge and problem solving skills

  • Interacting proactively with family to offer comprehensive development for children.

Curriculum features

  • using the principle of “Happy School” with focus of enjoyable surrounding for stimulating the learning interest of children.

  • Leading children out of the school and letting them be passionate on explore new things by outing learning activities

  • Holding diversified extra-curricular activities inside and outside of the school to relate school life to real life.

  • Having small group work to encourage children to engage in lesson and improved interactive learning.

  • Designing wide range of activities to foster proper learning atitude and problem solving skills for children.

  • Focusing on integration and connection of the curriculum of four grades to enrich their knowledge and creativity.

  • Adopting teaching activities for building children’s bilingual competencies in both Putonghua and English.

  • Embracing the Mixed-age classes teaching approach for nurturing children’s caring and adventure spirit.

  • Keeping records and observations of the performance and attitude of children through ongoing evaluation.

Teachers’ Qualifications

  • All our teachers are well educated and qualified with fruitful teaching experience.

  • We hire professional Putonghua and English teacher with Native English Teacher (NET) to lay a solid foundation on biliteracy and trilingualism for pupils.

  • We strictly follow the government’s guideline on teacher-student ratio.


  • We are non-profit making kindergarten which is in Pre-primary Education Voucher Scheme and our quality is approved by Education Bureau.

  • Both half-day and whole-day classes are qualified for Fee Remission Scheme.

  • School bus services are provided.